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The Improv People


The super creative (and cute!) cast of The Improv People


Anne Campbell

New York, NY


Anne hails from New York City where she has starred and performed in many productions as a professional actress and singer in the Manzana Grande as well as in regional theaters and touring companies throughout the Midwest and East Coast, including Michigan Rep, Lake George, DOBAMA Cleveland, as well as those based in New York City.


Anne was founding member and director of two State Council of the Arts theater companies in New York and Michigan. She was also a commercial film producer.


She is grateful to the Improv People for their YES, AND attitude, and because she doesn’t have to memorize any lines.


Krystal McCulloch

Springfield, Missouri


Krystal dreamed of a debut on Broadway, as she studiously pursued her career in academia. With some stage experience in college, she continued to be enamored with the artistry of performance. To her good fortune, life brought her to San Miguel. Meeting Eli and Joseph has brought her into the glorious world of improvisation. Joining the troupe is a dream come true!

She debuts with a grateful heart and a sincere desire to say YES.


Barbara Ziff

Chapel Hill, NC

Barbara enjoys all aspects of theater. She is a loves being part of the troupe. She’s appeared in many Playreaders productions and has directed several Playwrights’ Showcase pieces. Behind the scenes, she’s been stage manager or property master for over two dozen shows. Her real theatrical love is improv, especially getting to make things up with her fellow improvisers. 
Barbara is a founding member of The Improv People.

Jimmy Cox

Springfield, Missouri

Jimmy has been a carpenter, actor, rock climber, riverboat captain, Carnival roustabout, archaeologist, trial lawyer, prolific author, husband, world traveler, fencer, lover, high hurdler, rock singer, father, horse wrangler, sax player, real estate mogul, movie star, ceramic sculptor, river runner, trapeze artist, civil war reenactor, stage manager, grandfather, playwright, serial accidental arsonist, Berlin Wall destroyer, jailbird, ghostbuster, feudal surf... so far.

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Eli Hans

México City, MX

Eli, the artistic director of The Improv People, is an award-winning actor, a director and acting coach. He began acting very early on (his specialty was Oscar- worthy temper tantrums), and eventually attended The Stella Adler Acting Academy. As a professional actor, he has worked in TV, film and video, musical and theatrical productions and enjoyed a successful voice-over career for nearly two decades. He spent a few years at San Diego's Old Globe Theater, as director of Teatro Meta, a renowned bilingual theatre education program.


He's the proud creator and performer (along with his husband Joseph Bennett) of award-winning Out Of The Blue, an original mostly one-man musical.


Joseph Bennett

San Diego, CA

Joseph is the founder and managing director of The Improv People. He began working in theatre in elementary school, and has studied acting, ballet, jazz dance, comedy and improv. He's been lucky enough to teach improv, stand uP comedy, art and several personal growth workshops in San Miguel.

An accomplished assemblage artist, practicing hypnotherapist and life coach, Joseph is the co-host of the podcast Are You Waiting for Permission? with New York-based actor and improvisor Meridith Grundei.


He's been married to the delightful and uber talented Eli Hans for 23 years.

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