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Improv Classes in San Miguel de Allende, México

Improv Classes in San Miguel de Allende, México


There are improv theatre classes in San Miguel Allende...!


As soon as it's safe for us to gather together, you'll be the first to know!


Just send us an email by clicking below, and we'll be in touch! 

Learning improvisational theatre offers an amazing opportunity to —

  • be more confident

  • trust yourself + each other

  • let go of inhibitions

  • actively listen

  • be willing to make mistakes

  • think on your feet

  • pay attention to your surroundings

  • be one of the yes-sayers

  • bake cookies for the teacher

"I loved the Improv's helping me to become more aware, develop better listening skills + build trust between people. Wouldn't have missed it for the World!"

Thanks for checking us out — and we look forward to playing with you as soon as it's safe to do so!


Love and fits of laughter, The Improv People