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The Improv People

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The Studio Space in San Miguel de Allende, México

The Improv People

The Improv People are a delightfully fun and engaging troupe in San Miguel de Allende that's been performing together since April, 2011. 

Yes, and...! We also offer improv classes and workshops!

You're next chance to play is during our December series, beginning Wednesday, December 6, 13, 20 and 27, from 4-5:30 pm. *And yes, there's a discount for those who are frequent flyers. If you've taken two or more classes with us, YOU ARE A FREQUENT FLYER! 


Throughout the year, other acting, storytelling, and performance-based writing workshops are scheduled, sometimes with guest artists who are travelin' through San Miguel. 

If there's any part of you that's wanting to come out and PLAY, please sign up below, and join the kool kat's list for future classes.


You're welcome to read about the amazingly creative cast of The Improv People here.


Improv classes and the JAM are co-facilitated by Joseph Bennett + Eli Hans, co-founders of The Improv People.

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"I loved the Improv's helping me to become more aware, develop better listening skills + build trust between people. Wouldn't have missed it for the World!"

4 week

Please join us at The Studio Space, in San Miguel de Allende,

for all types of Improv classes and playshops! All levels!

It's a great way to relearn to PLAY, expand your comfort zone, 

gain confidence and learn to go with the flow!

Designed for actors AND non-actors!

"I recommend it a million zillion!"
 a recurring improv student

Learning improvisational theatre offers an amazing opportunity to—

  • be more confident

  • trust yourself + each other

  • let go of inhibitions

  • actively listen

  • be willing to make mistakes

  • think on your feet

  • play like when you were a kid

  • pay attention to your surroundings

  • be one of the yes-sayers

  • bake dozens of cookies for the teachers (see how we did that?)

Cancellations: If a class is cancelled for any reason (including covid) your remaining balance may be applied to future classes OR to other classes offered by or


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